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2017-18 Board of Directors

WFLA Board of Directors for 2017

WFLA Board of Directors for 2017

The Board of Directors of the Waterloo Federal Liberal Association for 2017 includes the following voting members:

  • Chair: Brenden Sherratt
  • Member of Parliament: Hon. Bardish Chagger
  • Vice-Chair: Doug Varley
  • Secretary: Janet Murray
  • Policy Chair: David Evans
  • Organization Chair: Abdullatif Al-Shaikh
  • Directors-at-Large:
    • Moyra Adams-Smith
    • Ryan Kleinau
    • Serge LeVert-Chiasson
    • Dave Matthews
    • Kerry Mueller
    • Bob Rushby

In addition, the Board of Directors appointed the following people to non-voting positions on the board:

  • Treasurer: Frank Mensink
  • Fundraising Chair: Saber Fermand


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