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Liberal Party Constitution By-Laws – Have Your Say on August 28th!

Posted on August 9, 2016

One Party

The Liberal Party adopted a new Constitution at its Biennial Convention last May in Winnipeg.

The Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) (LPC(O)) has been tasked with developing new by-laws (read the FAQ) to implement the constitution and is consulting registered Liberals in Ontario to get their input.

There are a couple of ways that you can provide your input:

To help you get started thinking about your input on the by-laws, here are a number of “starter questions”:

Registered Liberals

  1. How will Registration work?
  2. How can somebody stay registered?
  3. How do we handle removing names of people who want to leave?
  4. Should Registered Liberals need to verify that they want to register?


  1. What works and does not work in the current policy process?
  2. What needs to change and where do we wish to be in 2018?
  3. What are some new ideas we should consider from other jurisdictions?
  4. What are some creative solutions we can learn and implement from our own history?
  5. How do Commission clubs fit into the process?


  1. What works and does not work with Commission Clubs now?
  2. What is the future role of Commissions in the Policy process?
  3. What do we do about Commission clubs which are jointly Federal and Provincial associations?
  4. How do we fit Commission Clubs into EDAs, or should they be separate?

Electoral District Associations

  1. What works and does not work in the current EDA model constitution?
  2. What tools do EDAs need to be effective?
  3. How do we make sure EDAs have quorum when they make decisions?
  4. Who should be on an EDA Board?
  5. How can EDA disputes be resolved most effectively? 
  6. What do we do with EDAs that need help?
  7. Where do EDAs fit in with Policy?
  8. How do Youth and other Commissions mesh with EDAs?

Provincial and Territorial Boards 

  1. What works and does not work in the current LPC(O) Constitution?
  2. Are we being smart about how we divide jobs between elected Board members and staff?
  3. How do we balance good financial management with high levels of participation with respect to Exec. Boards, Management, etc.?
  4. What tools do Management Committee need and what should they leave alone?
  5. What tools do staff need and what should they leave alone?
  6. Does the structure of LPC(O), in terms of its governance, reflect the needs of Ontario Liberals now and into the future?
  7. How do we assure transparent and open governance?

If you have any questions, email us at

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