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Waterloo Nomination & Festive Celebration on December 9th

Posted on November 22, 2018

Join Us for Our Nomination Meeting & Festive Celebration on December 9th

The Waterloo Federal Liberal Association held its Festive Celebration and nomination meeting to select our candidate for the 2019 election on Sunday, December 9th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM at the Wing 404 Wing 404 RCAFA Rotary Adult Centre.

During our event, 432 lbs of food and $425 were raised for the Waterloo Region Food Bank.

We are pleased to report that the Hon. Bardish Chagger was officially nominated to be the Liberal candidate for the riding of Waterloo in the 2019 election.

You can read the full text of MP Chagger’s nomination acceptance speech here:

Bonjour mes chers amis, Sat Shri Akal sareanous, Salaam Alaikum, Namaste, and good afternoon fellow Liberals! Thank you for your tremendous support today and over the past many years.

I would like to start by thanking our past Chair Brenden Sherratt, who recently stepped down as he and his wife Laura recently welcomed their new son Orion into their family. Congratulations to both of you.

Thank you also to current Chair Eric Davis, who has recently stepped in to replace Brenden. I have known Eric since before I held any official role on any board of the Liberal Party. Eric is a great husband to Cynthia and father to their daughters Isabella and Victoria.

Thanks to Board members past, present—and in advance to members in the future.

Thank you as well to Nancy Telegdi for such a wonderful speech nominating me to be your candidate in 2019. I must say, this nomination was a bit easier to get than the one back in 2015!

In preparing for today, I was thinking back to 2015, of where we were as a Party and as a country. As you’ll recall, the Liberal Party was the third party in the House of Commons and we had a federal Conservative government who had:

  • Killed the long form census
  • Deliberately sabotaged the Committee system on Parliament Hill
  • Attempted to dodge campaign ad spending limits through the “in-and-out” affair
  • Prorogued the House in order to avoid being defeated
  • Limited journalists to 5 questions per day
  • Killed Kyoto so there was no plan for climate change
  • Intimidated charities into silence
  • Muzzled the voices of scientists and other public servants
  • Allowed Canada to be ranked dead last in environmental protection
  • Favoured infrastructure projects in Conservative ridings
  • Undermined the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Muzzled its own MPs

I ran for the Liberal nomination in 2015, and I’m proud to again be your Liberal candidate in 2019, because like you, I knew Canada could do better—and we’ve done better. In reading my 2015 nomination speech, I said:

The Harper Conservatives have broken faith with Canadians by gutting Kyoto, Early Childhood Education, and the Kelowna Accord. They have broken faith with Canadians with policies that divide us.

I am running to be your Liberal candidate because, like you, I know Canada can do better. We CAN be a just society of equity, inclusion, and respect for all. Under the Harper Conservatives, we have lost status on the international stage. I want to see Canada return to taking a leadership role on the environment and peacekeeping.

We are blessed to have two universities and a college in this riding. We need to invest in small business, research and development, and innovation to ensure opportunities for graduating students. Instead of slashing social programs, like the Harper Conservatives, I support investment in programs that will provide people with the resources needed to enable them to contribute to our economy.

We must return to evidence-based decision making and not be blinded by ideology. We need to restore the position of science advisor to the Prime Minister. We must bring back the long form census so that we know where government support is needed.

Thanks to you, we won in 2015—and won big. But more importantly, since the 2015 election, our Liberal government has delivered. We have a tremendous record of success over the past three years and I just wanted to highlight a few of the things we’ve done:

  • Nine out of ten families receive more money thanks to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB). In Waterloo alone, over 15,000 children benefit from the CCB.
  • Canadians have created over half a million full-time jobs since we were elected.
  • We’ve cut taxes for 9 million middle-class Canadians with the Middle Class Tax Cut, saving Canadians more money every year.
  • We’ve also lowered the small business tax rate from 11% in 2015 to 9% by 2019 to give businesses an opportunity to grow and succeed.
  • We signed the Canada-US-Mexico Trade Agreement, protecting our economic prosperity and creating new opportunities for Canadians. It is a deal that is good for Canadian workers across the board and for Canada’s consumers.
  • We’re helping Indigenous people gain the critical skills they need for meaningful employment through the new Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training program.
  • We’ve increased Canada Students Grants by 50% to make post-secondary education more affordable and accessible for 46,000 more students per year. We’ve also made it so that graduates don’t have to start paying back their student loans until they are making at least $25,000 a year.
  • We fulfilled our commitment to legalize and strictly regulate cannabis to keep it out of the hands of kids, while also strengthening impaired driving laws, to protect all Canadians
  • We’re teaching one million kids and teachers how to code through our CanCode program.
  • We’re giving ill and injured Veterans a pension for life to help them live a full and productive life post-service.
  • We’ve restored and strengthened both the long-form census as well as the Chief Science Advisor.
  • And, we’re protecting our environment and growing the economy for future generations by making historic investments in public transit, moving forward on a price on pollution, and supporting the jobs of tomorrow.

These investments will transition us to a clean, green economy and will create growth with Canada leading on the international stage.

I promised back in 2015 to serve you well and I can say that I’ve honestly worked the hardest I possibly could to do just that. I’ve represented this community, both at home and abroad, to the best of my ability and have stood up for this community, and our values, both in caucus and around the cabinet table.

In 2015, we all worked together and took our Canada back and, in 2019, we cannot be complacent. There’s so much more work to be done.

We’re building a Canada for the future, but the Conservatives want to take us back to the days of Stephen Harper. I can promise everyone here today that the opposition will continue to throw everything—including fake news—at us, so we must be prepared.

I need the help of everyone to support our Party in whatever way you can.

If you’re able to volunteer, that’s great. We’ll put you to work. If you don’t have the time to volunteer and wish, instead, to make a donation, that’s great too. If you want to do both, and take a sign, even better.

But if there’s one thing I would like everyone here to understand, it’s this: we’ve made great progress, but that progress is fragile, and if good people such as yourselves—myself included—don’t keep fighting, don’t take action, that progress will easily be lost. We can’t take anything for granted—I know I won’t.

I know I can count on your support in 2019 and I would like to thank you all again for being here today physically and even those in spirit and for showing how much you love a just and inclusive Canada.

Thank you

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