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2017-19 Board of Directors

WFLA Board of Directors for 2017

WFLA Board of Directors for 2017-19

The Board of Directors of the Waterloo Federal Liberal Association, which was elected for a two-year term on June 29, 2017, includes the following voting members:

  • Chair: Eric Davis (appointed Nov. 14, 2018, following the resignation of Brenden Sherratt)
  • Member of Parliament: Hon. Bardish Chagger
  • Vice-Chair: Doug Varley
  • Secretary: Janet Murray
  • Policy Chair: David Evans
  • Organization Chair: Ryan Kleinau (appointed Sept. 11, 2018, following the resignation of Abdullatif Al-Shaikh)
  • Directors-at-Large:
    • Moyra Adams-Smith
    • Aqsa Naveed (appointed Sept. 11, 2018 to fill the vacancy created when Director Ryan Kleinau was appointed to the position of Organization Chair)
    • Serge LeVert-Chiasson
    • Dave Matthews
    • Kerry Mueller
    • Bob Rushby

In addition, the Board of Directors appointed the following people to non-voting positions on the board:

  • Treasurer: Frank Mensink
  • Fundraising Chair: Saber Fermand
  • Non-Voting Directors:
    • Bob Ernest
    • Sarah Milne
    • Kanwar Brar
    • Jacque German-Doucet


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